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DJ LongPlay

DJ LongPlay is the name Phil and I gave for all the projects/artwork we collaborate on. Such as this exquisite corpse (or creature, as I like to call them) that we made for our friend Alex’s birthday. I did the top and bottom, as well at the water colouring. T’was a lot of fun to create!

Speaking of birthdays, today is Philippe’s 27th!!! Happy birthday, my love!

Digital Painting

Last night/this morning I tried my hand at digital painting using adobe photoshop CS5. I haven’t done much art using photoshop in at least four years, and back then is was a more simplistic comic style artwork. Needless to say, this was more of a learning/experimentation process. The final piece isn’t anything extraordinary, but the knowledge gained was well worth it. The pose turned out quite stiff, but I was more focused on trying to find ways to get a painterly quality.┬áNext time around should go a lot more smoothly, and hopefully will flow more naturally. Full portrait is under the cut.

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Practicing on my new tablet in Photoshop. I did lots of doodles, but this is the only one I kind of like. I think one of my problems is my lack of patience with digital art, but I’ll keep at it. Giving up on it just because it isn’t in my comfort zone would be lame!

p.s. can you tell I’ve been reading a lot of manga lately? It’s seeping into my style!