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There Was A Time

Is it spring? Yesterday it was autumn. Is it morning? Why, it was midnight only an hour ago. Is it summer? It is impossible; last night was winter. Have I eaten, slept, drunk, walked, spoken, worked? When? A moment ago I ate my dinner. Yet my stomach is empty. When did I bathe? I do not remember. I do not remember. I never remember. This street seems familiar. When did I last walk down it? What has happened to the morning, to the hours between the morning and this minute? Where have they gone? I never experienced them. – Janet Taylor Caldwell

Words for thought, sentiments to appreciate.

Mis Primas Bellas

Whilst I was in Michigan vacationing at my aunt and uncle’s cottage home, I was lucky enough to do a photo shoot with my two beautiful cousins, Gabriella (left) and Sofia (right), as well as Sofia’s lovely friend Samantha (centre). The following were shot on my Pentax Asahi, using Kodak Portra 400. Most of the makeup used is from MAC Cosmetics. Makeup, photography, and post-editing done by me. These lovely ladies helped out with hair and styling. Enjoy!

Many, many thanks to my gorgeous and enthusiastic models!

I am currently on the second half of my vacation, in West Palm Beach with my dad and step mom. We’ll be driving up to Jacksonville (where they live) tomorrow. This trip has been amazing. Though, I dearly miss Philippe and the cats. Also, the use of my cellphone (ha ha). I’ll be back in Canada soon enough, though, so I’ll enjoy this change of temperature and scenery as long as I can. I am in love with the fat lizards that reside here!

Photo Shoot Part I

Sometimes my friend Jessie and I get together and take photographs! Makeup, photography, editing by me. Shot with my Pentax Asahi, on Kodak Portra 400 film. Stay tuned for the second (and very different) shoot I did with Jessie…that role of film is yet to be finished/developed!

Portrait of an Author

A few months ago I was approached by my friend, Kim Fu, to shoot the inside portrait for her first novel, For Today I Am a Boy. Published by HarperCollins, it is slated for early 2013, and I know that Phil and myself are very excited to read it! Luckily for Kim and I, she had book related business to tend to in Toronto, and was able to stay with us for a few days. I’d never given much thought to the photographs of authors in their books before I had to shoot one for myself, so I started doing some research. The results were a little horrifying; boy oh boy, there a lot of bad author portraits out there! In this case, though, I could not have been luckier. The fact that Kim is already beautiful, combined with a 50mm lens, gorgeous sunlight, and some choice locations (on or around my apartment building) made the photo shoot failsafe.

I thought it’d be interesting to display some of the outtakes that we enjoyed on this blog. In terms of lighting, expression, and composition for the purpose of this shoot, the top left photograph won out by a long shot, though, and is the official author photograph. I’m curious to hear comments/critiques if you’ve got any for me!

Penthouse Shoot

Last week I had the pleasure of making up and shooting the lovely, humorous, and intriguing Elizabeth De Vries. Coincidentally, Beth happens to live two floors above me, so we decided to have the shoot on our top level. Upon entering the pool room, there were perfect streaks of sunlight coming in through the glass, but about 3 minutes into shooting an enormous storm began brewing to the North, and fast began to approach. I’m quite pleased about it, though, as I find it created a far more alluring mood to work with. These were shot using my trusty Pentax Asahi, with Kodak Portra 400 film. Shooting with Beth was a lot of fun, and I hope her and I can collaborate again in the future…maybe a snowy winter shoot?
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Greenhouse Photo Shoot

Recently, the lovely and talented Jessie Thavonekham came to visit Philippe and I in Toronto for a long weekend full of fun and dynamic activities. On her last day here I was able to sweep her away for a photo shoot at the Allan Gardens greenhouse, which happens to be just a few blocks away from where we reside. The goal of the shoot was to practice and showcase my abilities with makeup, styling, and photography. Not to mention, to have fun! It was all shot on my Pentax Asahi SP 1000 camera, with Kodak Portra 400 VC.  I think the shoot was a complete success, so without further ado, here are the results!

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