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Birthday Madness

June is a crazy month for birthdays in my family, and on top of that it has been a busy work month. I don’t think I have ever worked this many days in a month before. Can’t complain, just wish I had a teensy bit more time for personal projects.

I think I have a thing for sticking candles out of animals (in drawings). This isn’t the first time…

Beatrix Potter Studies

Just started a new moleskine sketchbook which I’ve designated as my messy sketchbook. I plan to experiment with all sorts of media in there, and most stuff will be done on a two-page spread. To start, some Beatrix Potter studies. When I’m in a rut, I find that going back to what I loved most in my childhood helps. I love how bottom-heavy so many of her characters are.

A Week of Sketches

this program is a mess!wanna makeout?

I’ve begun sketching again and it feels great. Silly nonsensical wonderful sketches. Materials used: Purple col-erase, red bic ballpoint pen, microns, promarkers and prismacolor markers. Not sure why my scanner is being dopey and blurring so much of it up, but oh well.

Ahh hah. Disa-bearing still gets me.

Girl of My Dreams

Inspired by James Jean’s ballpoint pen sketches, I decided to try my hand at it. Thank you, Lula for a seemingly unending source of pretty girls to use for starting references. More sketches to come soon, hopefully!