Monthly Archives: June 2012

Birthday Madness

June is a crazy month for birthdays in my family, and on top of that it has been a busy work month. I don’t think I have ever worked this many days in a month before. Can’t complain, just wish I had a teensy bit more time for personal projects.

I think I have a thing for sticking candles out of animals (in drawings). This isn’t the first time…

A week and some on Instagram…

Yep, I have become completely hooked to instagram. I’ve always been an extremely visual person, and I see it as the picture version of twitter. ┬áMy name is flossyflotsam on instagram, or you can also see all my photos on instagrid!

On another note, I still cannot believe I work at MAC. It’s like a dream come true!

Visit to the ROM

A selection of photographs from my recent visit to the Natural History section of the Royal Ontario Museum. All were captured with my Pentax Asahi SP 1000. I could have stayed in there forever.