Newest Family Member.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our family, Elizabeth Cleopatra Bear. We’ve been calling her Eli (pronounced Elle-y) -Bear or Eliza-Bear for ¬†short, though. Born on April 26th, 2011, she is only 12.5 weeks old and extremely tiny, just about 2lbs! Though Adelaide has been growling and hissing at her since we brought her home yesterday, she has also been very gentle, not even taking a swipe, so we’re hopeful they’ll be friends soon. I’m assuming once Elizabeth smells more like home Ada will be more accepting too. As it stands, it is clear that Eli-Bear wants to be friends with Ada Bear, but will have to be a little more patient.

On our way home from the Humane Society. When we first saw her we thought she was a black cat, but it turns out she has lots of browns and greys in her coat as well. She also has really lovely green/grey eyes, but their true colour doesn’t quite show up on the camera.

She is super playful, just like Ada was at her age.

Oh man, she is so fast too! I had such a difficult time getting non-blurry photos of her.

We’re not sure if Adelaide even registers Elizabeth as another cat. She could be a little black squirrel for all that she knows.

Eli-Bear is definitely the scruffiest cat we’ve ever had, but we find it adorable. We also suspect that the fur under her ears was cut short, perhaps due to matting. It definitely adds to the scruff look. She is also SUPER cuddly. She purrs and kneads basically nonstop!

Her facial expression here is just priceless.

One of the many times Eli and Ada touched noses.

Eli was going apeshit on the bed whilst Phil was taking a nap. Ada watched the whole thing from the end of the bed, never moving.

Eli really loves secretly following Ada around. I think she desperately wants Ada to be her playmate, but Ada isn’t ready yet. It’s really cute (and a little sad) watching Eli make the effort, though.

Eli-Bear passes the pocket fitting test, and almost fell asleep in there too!

She’s too tiny to jump to most comfy spots, so she just unceremoniously scampers up using her tiny kitten claws.

last but not least, some photobooth pictures with her. She is so tiny!

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