Kasus Joint Venture Agreement

The validity of a transaction, agreement or payment involving the joint venture and all associated undertakings of the contracting parties that are otherwise authorized by the terms of this agreement is not affected by the relationship between them and these related companies or by the approval of those transactions, agreements or payments. 26 CHAPTER II JOINT VENTURE COMPANY IN FOREIGN INVESTMENT Chapter II consists of five sub-chapters. The first sub-chapter examines the form of foreign investment firms. The second sub-chapter examines the beginning of the creation of joint venture companies with respect to the rules for joint ventures. In addition, the capitalization of minority shareholders in joint ventures and the organizational structure of joint ventures. The last is the resolution of disputes in investment companies. a. The form of the Foreign Investment Company in Article 5 of Act 25 of 2007 on investments relating to the form of a commercial entity is said that domestic investments can be made by individuals or in the form of business units, so that it can be interpreted whether or not the company may be a legal entity. However, this is not the case for foreign investors, where the applicant must be a foreign investor, in the form of a limited liability company under Indonesian law and domiciled in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, unless otherwise stated by law. 31 The forms of business units in Indonesia are now very varied. Some are relics of the colonial era, namely the Dutch government.

But some have changed the name, according to current conditions, but some still retain the name. Among the existing business units are 31. Adang Abdullah, Legal Review of PM Law No.25 of 2007 in Business Law Journal Volume 26-No.40 year 2007, S. 7 16 Examples of joint ventures, examples of joint ventures, Letter of Template Intent Professional Word via www.professionaltemplates.org Sample Memorandum of Understanding And Letter of Intent via www.scribd.com of Examples Of Joint Venture Cases In InDonesia – Absurd things via absurdthings.blogspot.com Brainsell via www.brainsell.net 27 You have probably heard the term “consortium” used to describe the joint venture system.

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