Why Does Vital Proteins Have An Arbitration Agreement

The arbitration process is managed by the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) in accordance with the AAA consumer arbitration rules and all additional rules (the “AAA rules”) that are then in effect, except in the form amended by this arbitration agreement. THE AAA rules are available under www.adr.org or by phone at the AAA at 1-800-778-7879. The rules of the Arbitral Tribunal govern all aspects of this arbitration procedure, except to the extent that these rules conflict with these terms and conditions. Important: These terms of use contain a mandatory arbitration agreement. Please carefully consider these provisions, as you must resolve all disputes with Vital Proteins LLC on an individual basis through final and binding arbitration and waive jury trials, class actions and all other types of consolidated, collective or representative proceedings. If you do not log out of these provisions according to the opt-out procedures below, you are bound. By participating in the program, you recognize that you understand the mandatory arbitration agreement and that you expressly accept it. You can cancel your participation in the program at any time by deleting your account vitalproteins.com customer. After the cancellation, all accumulated points will be cancelled and cannot be redeemed on a future purchase.

A kind of… But not the way you think. Vital protein collagen is a whole dietary supplement, similar to bone broth, that provides you with valuable but missing nutrients in your modern diet. But you won`t want to use post-workout collagen peptides as a substitute for whey or the soy protein you use to use. This is because the profile of the amino acid is completely different; Collagen does not contain the same branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) that are so important for muscle recovery after training. Don`t think of these products as an extra protein to your day (although they, in a small degree)… Remember that they add a valuable source of rare amino acids and skin/hair/nails/nails/joints/intestines-compounds to your already healthy diet. If, for some reason, some of these terms and conditions prove unenforceable or illegal, (1) the unenforceable or illegal provision is dissociated from these conditions; (2) The separation of the unenforceable or illegal provision has no bearing on the rest of the arbitration agreement or on the ability of the parties to impose arbitration on an individual basis, in accordance with the arbitration agreement; and (3) to the extent that all claims must therefore be invoked on a class, collective, consolidated or representative basis, these claims must be tried before a civil court of competent jurisdiction and not by arbitration, and the parties agree that the disputes of these claims are suspended in arbitration proceedings until the outcome of any individual claim.

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