Collective Negotiation Agreement Guidelines 2018

The Domestic Income Code, in particular Revenue Regulation No. 1-2015, exempts SPEIs from income tax in combination with benefits received under a collective agreement (CBA); Provided that it does not exceed ten thousand pesos (P10,000.00). 20% salary increase for all Olympics and COS who work in government This circular applies to the following civilian staff, who hold regular, contractual or casual positions, who provide full-time or part-time services within the National Government Authorities (GGA), including SUVs, GOC, GFIs, LWD and LGUs, that they be provided through Republic Act No. 67584; 1989s are covered or not: I don`t know why we were disqualified at Benguet State University from preserving our CNA? It seems that coa has prejudices against us. I hope they will reconsider our case. .

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