Same time, Last Year.

 This time last year Phil and I were on a train from Montreal to Toronto with our friend Evan to look at potential neighborhoods to move into. It was a pretty great trip, full of sight-seeing, get togethers with friends and surprisingly, lots of partying. Looking back at everything that has happened between that trip to now is a little overwhelming. Amazing how much can change in one short year.

 We stayed with Elena the first night we were in Toronto. My morning tea.

 Kensington Market with Phil and Evan.

On Elena’s invitation, we went to a large house party that had some catchy folk musicians playing at it. After the house party, Phil, Evan and I continued on to party on a boat. I didn’t take many photos on the boat (mainly because I was intoxicated) but I had a great and memorable bonding moment with my friend Chris there.

The morning after at Chris’ home.

 Chris’ roomate’s cat. I cannot remember his name, but he was such a sweetheart.

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